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Stage marketing communication

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Date of last connection: 2012-10-02
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Miss Lo... Te...
35170 Bruz

Prepared job(s): : Métiers du marketing et de la communication: chef de produit, chef de projet, directeur marketing communication, chef de publicité


School: Institut de Gestion de Rennes, réseau IAE 35000 Rennes

Education level: Licence sciences de gestion, spécialité Marketing 3rd year
Licence sciences de gestion, spécialité Marketing
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +2
Last diploma : Première et Deuxième année de Licence Administration Economique et Sociale
Current educational level : +3
Prepared job(s): : Métiers du marketing et de la communication: chef de produit, chef de projet, directeur marketing communication, chef de publicité

Duration of the internship: 3 mois et 2 semaines
Beginning of the internship: Du mois de Juin à début Septembre
2011-06-05 2011-09-02
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence :


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Logiciel Pack Office, Ciel Compta, Ciel Gestion

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Permis B

Languages :
English : Advanced
German : Intermediate

Cover letter

Object: request of internship marketing assistant brand manager

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for an internship at the marketing department of your Organization. An Internship at your Organization provides an ideal opportunity for me to widen my horizon and to get a more detailed insight into working life in your country. In addition I hope to gain a better understanding of organizational culture and marketing departments.

I am presently studying BA in Management Sciences to the Institut de Gestion de Rennes Graduate School of Management at the end of my third year. I try to value my diploma by a company internship during the months of June and August. This experience in the field of marketing and international communication is fundamental for my training process because I wish to integrate a Marketing Master's degree afterwards.

As you can see from my enclosed resume, due to my job as student assistant I have acquired experience in the human resources field. I also learned to work in teams and motivate other staff members. Moreover, I have taken courses on the pricing of a product, its place and distribution. During a simulated business game, I also developed the marketing strategy and communication of a cruise ship.Thereby I have learned a variety of thinking strategies, experienced different approaches to conduct the proposed tasks in this internship. To improve my English skills and knowledge about the marketing field, in August 2012 I am going to study one year at the University in Sweden.

As an open-minded and friendly person, I easily integrate into new teams. I am convinced that my communicative and conceptual skills will make me an asset to your department.

Thank you for considering my application. Enclosed you will find my resume, which will give you additional information on my background and qualifications. I am available for an interview at your convenience. Feel free to call me.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully.


Nationality - French
Driving licence

Professional objective

I would like to acquire a position in marketing and communication. My ambition is to integrate my Master’s Degree with a specialization in marketing "product manager" and work internationally.


2010/2011 BA in Management Sciences
IAE Institut de Gestion de Rennes, Graduate School of Management.
Ø Marketing : product policy, price, place and promotion
Ø Business Strategy
Ø Innovation and Creativity
2008/2010 Two year university degree in Economic and Social Administration
Institut Catholique de Rennes, Campus Ker Lann, Bruz
2008 A Level Economic and Social with honors
St. Joseph High School, Bruz

Work experience

October 2010: Assistant Director of Human Resources, Clinique des Augustines, Malestroit
Ø Schedule management staff with "Octime"
Ø Assistance in developing a site for the management of jobs and skills

June 2010: Customer Manager, Crédit Agricole Normandie, bank, Saint-Pair-sur-mer
Ø Management of hosting customer support for current operations
Ø Phoning

Since 2009: Temporary assignment: Inventor in Kiabi and Crazy Factory
Since 2008: Operator for document management, Iron Mountain Anamnis, Company Archives , La
Ø documentary archive
Ø computer input data

Professionnal skills

Data processing : Pack Office Software, Ciel Compta, Ciel Gestion
Languages: French: mother tongue
English: fluent
German: moderate

Hobbies: Reading, sports (jogging, badminton), drawing, cinema, photography, travel: discovering new places, new culture…
Community life: Responsible partnership “Les 4L Solidaires de l’IGR”: Association engaged in two projects:
- The raid "4l trophy" in Morocco,
- And a humanitarian trip to the Valley Boulmane in Morocco, with glasses harvest in France and distribution locally with interventions for women.

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